Have you been called by a telepest?

Telepest /'teli p'est/


  1. An individual or organisation which makes unsolicited and unwanted telephone calls, often at an inconvenient time.
  2. An unsolicted or unwanted telephone call.

Ever been called at an inconvenient time by a telephone number that you didn't recognise? Are you getting unsolicited sales calls? Would you like to know who's calling you, before you decide whether to talk to them?

Telepest.co.uk can help. Just search for a number in our database, and see if it's listed as a potential pest call. Even if it isn't, we can give you some useful information that might help you work out who's calling.

If you've received a telepest call from an organisation that isn't listed here, then you can help other people by submitting a pest report. It's simple - all you need to do is fill in a short form.

Looking for American Telepests? Try our sister site, Telepest.US.

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Latest Pest Comments

  • 02073662500 - I've had loads of missed calls from this number. I've been away so not answered and therefore have no clue as to who it may be.
  • 08451550228 - I have had 2 phone calls a day, for the last 8 days. Call times vary, but when you answer, the phone either goes dead, or, when you ask to [...]
  • 07795030577 - Stories going back to 2008 about this number, I've just had the same texts. A very bored person I think, with peadophile tendencies from the sound of the other reports.
  • 07530309756 - Called lots Of times, I never answered, every time I called back it went to voicemail or they hung up
  • 03050591081 - I got a call today from this number and my phone shows "I called this number" I dont know yet if I paid for it but it seems to be [...]
  • 03333440249 - this number keeps calling my mobile and i think is now hounding me at work and am sure they say they are MKRR
  • 01332268195 - This number phones & leaves no answer upwards of 10x per day
  • 02086190746 - The above number phoned my house phone tonight at approx 5:40 pm. It then camped on the line, I had to unplug the phone before I could use the phone [...]
  • 01932332004 - had a text message to call number urgently quoting a refence number, when I called it was just music!
  • 08452507252 - When answered, no one speaks, and the number hangs up after you say "hello" Happened twice this afternoon


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